Taxonomy of unified power quality conditioner (upqc): an overview

Payal Deshpande, Amit Shrivastava, Anula Khare

This paper highlights the classification of Unified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC) to enhance the electric power quality at distribution levels. It aims to present a broad overview on the different possible UPQC system configurations for single-phase (two-wire) and three-phase (three-wire and four-wire) networks. Therefore, an acronymic list is developed and presented to highlight the distinguishing feature offered by a particular UPQC. In all 12 acronyms are listed, namely, UPQC-D, UPQC-DG, UPQC-I, UPQC-L, UPQC-MC, UPQC-MD, UPQC-ML, UPQC-P, UPQCQ, UPQC-R, UPQC-S, and UPQC-VAmin.