A survey on trm anteena array failure correction

Jaspreet kaur and Amandeep kaur

A wireless communication system, an antenna array is one of the most important part of improving system capacity and spectral efficiency. Active antenna array is widely used in many applications, such as satellite communication, sonar, for signal acquisition purpose mobile communications. The array antenna system is installed outdoors for too long. Thus, a number of factors, such as solid-state devices, including semiconductors and integrated circuits and RF circuits, or changes in the active device performance may degrade the performance of the entire system deteriorates. Distortion of the beam pattern reduces the overall system performance. Typically, due to the large number of elements in an antenna array consisting of an array of a large number of radiating elements presented, there is always a possibility of the antenna array system failure or a plurality of elements. Destruction of elements in the array fails symmetry, and dramatic changes in the electric field strength can cause an array of side-lobe level increase distortions in the form of graphics. In some cases, like the space platform to replace defective array element is not possible.

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