The study on job satisfaction among university & college faculties

Divya Sharma

This paper identifies and talks about those factors which influence the satisfaction level of a faculty members in college/university. The term job satisfaction to be consider as an essential issue in the advanced education in light of the fact that if the educators in college/universities are satisfied to finish their objectives adequately, at that point just they would be inspired to contribute viably towards advanced education. Survey method has been utilized to gather the information from the teachers of universities & colleges of region Rohtak, Gurugram of Haryana. To discover those factors that are in charge of the satisfaction level among university & college faculties, the factor analysis has been conducted. Factor analysis have been applying by taking 7 factors. This review uncovered the most essential elements the satisfaction level among university and college educators are " Possibility of Growth and Administration" trailed by "Monetary Growth", trailed by "Cleanliness and Infrastructure", trailed by " Possibility of Turnover", Coordination and Cooperation, " Interpersonal Relations in Profession" & "Impartial Administration".

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