A review: fault diagnosis of stator and rotor of induction motor using fuzzy logic technique

Pankaj Mohindru, Nitika Sharma and Pooja Mohindru

The studies of the induction motor behavior during the abnormal condition due to presence of unexpected failures and the chances to diagnose this irregular condition is very difficult task for the field engineers and researchers. Accordingly, monitoring of induction motor has turned into the basic need of commercial ventures for recognition of faults. Condition monitoring of induction motors is necessary strategy for the detection of incipient faults as to avoid the unexpected failure. The technologies like Expert system, fuzzy logic system, and artificial neural networks have been extensively reported in literature. This paper has been focus on fuzzy logic approach which helps to diagnosis induction motor fault and also fulfills the requirement of stability and reliability in system. This paper also provides clear idea of different faults within induction motor and reason of occurrence of different fault with in induction motor. Within fuzzy logic given data or item are described as having a certain degree of membership in a set normally constrained to 1 and 0.

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