Performance improvement of nanowire sensor models using savitzky-golay filters for disease detection)

Ushaa, S.M. Madhavilatha, M. Madhusudhan Rao, G

In this paper, the mathematical models required to describe the functionality of nanodevices have been reviewed. Based on these mathematical models sensor equivalent circuits have been developed. An experimental setup is developed to analyze the characteristics of IS Field Effect Transistor (ISFET), nanowire and nanosphere devices. The impact of geometrical properties on device performance is estimated based on the experimental setup. Settling time and surface analyte concentration graphs obtained using the experimental setup is used in designing a nanobio sensor for disease detection. Based on the test results, a mathematical model has been developed in Matlab to model nanodevices. Three different iterations of sensor models are carried out based on the results obtained curve fitting techniques are adopted to generalize the developed sensor model using Savitzky-Golay Filter (SG Filter). The sensors modeled can be used for automated drug detection and delivery unit.