Performance analysis of catalytic fuel reformer in ci engine

Thangarasu P

In this study, Waste engine oil (WEO) was selected as an alternative fuel for compression ignition (CI) engine. WEO was thermally cracked with alumina catalyst in the catalytic fuel reformer (CFR). The gas obtained from the CFR was allowed through the inlet manifold of the engine. The experimental investigation was conducted in a single-cylinder DI diesel engine and the performance and emissions were compared with that of the diesel fuel. At maximum engine load, the brake thermal efficiency of Al2O3 400 increased about 18.27% than that of diesel fuel. Exhaust gas emission of Al2O3 400 at maximum load contained 75% lower CO emissions, 36.18% lower HC emissions, 59.89% lower NOx emissions and 63.98% lesser smoke emissions as compared to that of fossil diesel fuel. This study concludes that environmentally hazardous waste material such as waste engine oil is recycled and converted into a useful resource and serves as an alternative source of fuel for CI engine.