Intercultural didactic for the strengthening of andean philosophical thinking

Stalin Mauricio Ruiz Ocaña., María Verónica Saca Ramos., Luisa Paulina Chafla Romero and Carmita de Lourdes Altamirano Alvarez

The inexperience or ignorance of the teacher to implement or create renewed intercultural didactic initiatives in the classroom that respond to a multicultural and diverse educational environment, give way to the statute that contains the treatment of interculturality despite the current regulated procedure. Hence, the objective of this article was the analysis of an intercultural didactics for the strengthening of Andean Philosophical thinking, thus bringing an interculturality to the classroom, which is oriented to the diverse pluricultural categorization of contents, skills, knowledge, moral and above all respect towards the other in diverse socio-educational environments. Under these conditions, a systematization was constructed to guide the teacher to a better didactic-methodological orientation, so that they are present in the curricular objectives of the educational texts, in which variations must arise. In this way, works of relevance to these exposed cases of social non-inclusion were analyzed, taking into account the formative dynamics that should be developed in the student classroom, as a fundamental role for the teacher. It reveals practices and pedagogical interrelations that are repeated in their concavity, and the creation of some effective intercultural didactic proposals that diminish discrimination and achieve an intercultural social existence. In such a way to note that in the context of education, ethnic and cultural diversity, is not yet properly understood or concretized, this issue is fundamentally intercultural, with a view to Western culture that has caused loss of identity.

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