Estrategias ytécnicas didácticas para fortalecer la educación en el proceso de enseñanza -aprendizaje en estudiantes universitarios

Esp. Luisa Paulina Chafla Romero., Ing. Mónica Dayana Ortiz Erazo., Lic. Claudia Gabriela Riera Quito and Lic. Silvia Lorena Naranjo Haro

The current era presents a constant renewal of knowledge, therefore it is necessary that all actors linked to the educational field apply teaching and learning processes that allow the development of thought at its different levels, for which, it is important to have instruments that contribute to the development of skills, skills that allow the student to clarify their knowledge, differentiate and organize them; However, the reality that is presented in the country with respect to the academic results in education and cognitive learning is very worrisome, results that allowed the emergence of research with respect to the work that unfolds in the classroom, knowing what is the role played by the student and the teacher, what are the strategies and techniques used in the teaching and learning process and what are the difficulties that students present as a result of the methodology implemented by the teacher, which has a livelihood Theoretical, provided by the contribution of research conducted on this topic based mainly on the current constructivism, and active techniques that allow strengthening the teaching and learning process of university students. The present work intends to analyze the strategies to strengthen the process of "Teaching-Learning in the University Students" with the new developments and points of view on diverse strategies and techniques for the treatment of the educational model starting with a detailed description about the complexity of the strategies and techniques in the teaching of a correct educational process, then, some points concerning the didactic principles that characterize modern education are analyzed and, finally, some conceptions are considered for the development of the learning and teaching process of this discipline with the purpose of contributing to the correct teaching-learning process in an effective and fruitful way.

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