Comparative study of behavior to delamination on dcb specimens in natural and industrial composites

Saadouki B., Chbani H., Saoud A., Kimakh K and Elghorba M

This paper concerns the evaluation of mechanical damage in two composite materials. The first material is an industrial glass-epoxy composite, the second is a natural composite of solid wood.
The opening mode (mode I) and the delamination mode (mode II) represent the two most aggressive solicitation types that a composite material can meet. For this reason, we carried out bending tests leading to delamination on glass-epoxy DCB (double cantilever beam) and tensile tests on wooden DCB specimens of Eucalyptus gomphocephala.
Damage process follow for the epoxy glass through the acoustic mission allowed us to define the lifetime stages of the material. The observation of internal defects in damaged specimens by optical and scanning electronic microscopy allows to schematize the progression of the microcracks in the two composites.

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