Biocomfort in urban planning studies

Burak ARICAK., Durmuş Ali ÇELİK., Ugur CANTURK and Mohammed Miftah Mohammed BOUZQAYYAH

It has been proven that air and climate have a significant impact on people's behavior and physiological condition, and directly affect human performance and happiness. People feel healthier and more dynamic when environmental conditions such as temperature, precipitation, humidity and wind are at certain intervals. These values are called "bioclimatic comfort" or "biocomfort", when they are at the level that is suitable for human life. A lot of studies have been done on this issue in recent years with the understanding of the biocomfort principle. However, unfortunately, the studies that have been carried out cannot be actively used in urban planning yet and therefore the work done in this area cannot be transferred to application sufficiently.
This study aims to explain the importance of biocomfort, the methods that can be used to calculate the biocomfort of an area and how it can be used in urban landscape planning studies. Additionally, information about some studies done in the world on biocomfort have been given.

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