Anti-theft system of vehicle locking and tracking using xbee

Daphne K, Naveetha R, Subashini R, Lalitha P and Logisvary V

Anti-theft system has become a prime importance in the present automobile industries. An intelligent system is proposed to prevent the theft in vehicles by using XBee transceivers. The system makes use of an GSM unit that is interfaced with an Engine Control Module (ECM) through XBee transceivers. The owner sends a message to the GSM unit which is embedded in the theft vehicle which in turn controls the vehicle’s engine by locking the engine immediately. The message from the GSM is processed by the ARM7 based micro-controller and subsequently the information is sent to the Engine Control Unit which in turn slows down the engine and stops it. The position of the vehicle is processed by the GPS and a short message service (SMS) is sent to the owner’s mobile. Thus the vehicle can be recovered from the specified location and it is unlocked only when an unlocking message is sent from the owner. The system is effective, cost efficient and reliable.