Analyzing the suitability of using diesel like fuel extracted from waste engine oil

Thangarasu P and Kannan M

Alternate fuel is one of the major issue for the replacement of the conventional fossil fuel. Alternate fuel from the waste resources is the dominant field in the research work. Extraction of of diesel like fuel from waste engine oil (WEO) is the aim of the present study. For utilizing the WEO as the alternate fuel, the WEO should be converted to diesel like fuel by way of cracking the WEO by using the catalysts red mud (WEORM) and fly ash (WEOFA). The converted diesel like fuel should be analyzed for its properties before utilizing it in the diesel engine. As per ASTM standards, some of the important properties are analyzed and found that which is almost closer to the properties of the diesel fuel. Similarly diesel like fuel is analyzed with FTIR and GC to know the chemical compositions and the result confirmed that diesel like fuel contains hydrocarbons are alkanes, GC analysis confirmed that diesel like fuel mainly composed of praffins, napthanes and aromatics.