Analysis of the contemporary educational process based on the teaching - learning process based on the didactic techniques used by the teacher

Miguel Alejandro Cruz Pérez., Mónica Alexandra Pozo Vinueza Esp., English. Elsa del Pilar Tapia Calderon and Lic. Pablo Andrés Almendáriz Pozo

The current contemporary educational process influences the handling of the different subjects depending on the use of the strategies and didactic techniques of greater influence in the teaching - learning process and basically to carry out this educational process correctly, besides undertaking a student environment since everything turns in education, manifesting the fundamental deficits. That is why you need both the contribution of teachers and students in the classroom in order to capture and interpret the knowledge of the teacher in a better way. Therefore, teachers must be in constant study to incorporate new technical advances, methods, modes, etc. teaching-learning that will help students to be trained as people and as future professionals of the country full of new knowledge which are reasons for change and renewal within the constant and changing knowledge society I have included in it a globalized world. In addition, it must be taken into consideration that self-education is a point in favor of the student, that is, not content with the subject that is given in the classroom, but complement it with information sought by each individual, in order to be an active part together to the teacher of the teaching-learning process. The objective of this article is to analyze the teaching-learning evaluation process of the contemporary educational process in university students in the current Ecuadorian context; to motivate the students to improve their point of view regarding the different subjects, which are being basic activities, indispensable for the construction of learning and professional for future generations.

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